College Modules

Computing Grade
Advanced Databases A
Probability Models and Statistical inference A
Data Analytics B
Web and User Interface Design A
Information Systems A
Object Oriented Software Development B
System Analysis and Testing A
Architecture Operating Systems and Networks B
Business Grade
Financial Management 2 A
Financial Information Analysis A
Project Management A
Strategic Human Resource Management B+
Financial Reporting B+
Strategic Management 2 B+
Strategic Logistics and Supply Chain Management B+
International Marketing B
Strategic Management of Information Systems B
Strategic Management 1 B
Strategic Business Marketing B-
Strategic Marketing Management B-
Financial Management 1 B
Business Psychology and Behaviour B
Operations Management 1 B+
Business Systems Analysis B+
Global Business Environment B+
Entrepreneurship B
Management Accounting 2 A
Business Psychology and Behaviour 2 B+
Operations Management 2 C+
Databases for Business B+
Services Marketing B+
Enterprise Development B
Auctioneering Grade
Land Use Economics A
Architecture & Urban Sociology A
Feasibility Study B
Valuations 3B B
Marketing & European Investment Markets A B
Marketing & European Investment Markets B B
Land Use Economics A C
Building C
Valuations 3 A E
Valuations PBL E
Quantitative Methods A
Valuations 2 A
Law & Property B
Property Management & Taxation C
Building Construction C
Planning D
Financial Management E
Building Construction/Surveying and Cartography A
Quantitative Methods/Information Technology A
Marketing B
Law for Property & Construction C
Financial Accounting for Property & Construction C
Economics for Property & Construction C
Valuations D

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